Techniques and Importance of Advertisement in Indian Market

What is Advertisement?

Advertisement is derived from the old French from the verb advertir which later on changes to advertise which means denoting a statement calling attention to something. 카지노사이트

“A notice or an announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy”. It’s the dictionary meaning of advertisement.

Advertisement can also be defined as “paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of idea, goods or services by an identified sponsor”

So it is very clear that the basic meaning of advertisement is an impersonal presentation where a standard or common message regarding the merits, price and availability of product or service is given by the producer or marketer. The advertisement builds pull effects as advertising tries to pull the product by directly appealing to the customer to buy it. for eg.

Effective Techniques of Advertisement

Advertisement has become the biggest weapon of the companies to sell their product and to show that their product is much better than their competitors. But doing only advertisement is not ample, one should create it more appealing and effective. So that it could grab the attention of the customer.

There are some effective techniques which makes the advertisement a never forgettable one:

1. Emotional Appeal

Most of the advertisement uses this technique to emotionally black mail the consumer, which they really do very well. They hit on the need of the consumer very accurately and thus they connect with people. For e.g.- In the advertisement of Fortune oil they say “Ghar ka khan” which they are connecting the buyer to their mothers. 바카라사이트

2. Promotional Advertising

In this technique, the seller uses to give attractive offers to pull the customer towards their product. By offering the customer gets influenced by such offers and purchases that product. For e.g.-

In the above image, there is a “buy one get one offer” of pizza which will definitely attract the buyer as they would be getting two pizzas in same amount.

3. Bandwagon effect

Bandwagon effect is a persuasive technique through which one can persuade others, so that the majority could agree on that argument. It usually makes the customer believes that the product is fruitful for them. For e.g.-

In the above advertisement of toothpaste, they are showing that “over one million” have used their product which means that one million have trusted their brand so they should also. 온라인카지

4. Repetition

Repetition is very useful in advertisement as when a person listen or watch something again and again he/she do not forget it easily. It creates a good image in the eyes of the consumer. But one should also be careful regarding the no. of times their repetition is being telecasted because it can make the viewer restless and irritated. So the correct use of repetition is essential. For e.g.-The advertisement of “TRIVAGO” it comes so many times on television that it makes the viewer annoyed.

5. Endorsements

Endorsing famous personality for their product helps to gain the attention of the consumer. As consumer beliefs in that celebrity which ultimately makes them belief on their product. They think that the quality of the product is also good as it is used by a celebrity.  And it Also shows the advertisement attractive. For e.g.

In the above advertisement celebrity is used for promoting cosmetics.

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