Technology and skincare meet in the form of at-home skin care instruments. These lavish beauty products that elevate the usual routine into 카지노사이트 a luxurious ritual. We’ve seen American influencers peddling gua sha stones and jade rollers left and right, but many skeptics chalk it up to woo-woo beauty guru talk meant to sell glorified rocks at a profit.

While we’re right to remain doubtful of many luxury items these people throw at us, we believe the truth of the matter lies somewhere in the middle. As it stands, there are numerous skincare apparatuses meant for at-home use that have solid research to their name.

If you’re willing to explore the wide world of skincare tools and find out exactly what they’re used for, read on!


The general hesitation to try skin care tools is not unfounded. We get it: dropping a lot of money on an item that is not 100% guaranteed to work is a risk many aren’t willing to take, and with good reason. Plus, it’s more than possible to end up with an amazing complexion with one’s usual skin care routine sans tools.

However, what these products offer is a unique and efficient way to address skin care woes. A gua sha tool, for example, increases blood flow and drains the lymphatic system — the main culprit of facial bloating. Others, like blue light and red light devices, provide at-home light therapy, which is incredibly cost-effective for those who require consistent and long-term acne treatment. No need for clinic trips that will break the bank.


Each skin care tool has its own style. Some serve as facial massage apparatuses while others are best paired with a facial oil to increase product penetration. Much like our usual skin care products, these tools vary in function, but each one plays a unique role in our overall ritual. 

If you’re a beginner to using skin care devices, here are seventools you need to have in your beauty arsenal. Let’s take a look! 바카라사이트


Skin care is tough enough as it is. Finding the right products to use, which ingredients jive with our skin and which don’t — all of these can take up a significant amount of our time and money. But just as we might be starting to hit the sweet spot, a new beauty trend comes along. That’s how many people feel with tools. They’re intimidating, and we don’t want to go through another trial-and-error stage when we’ve just hit our stride.

However, there are advantages to using skincare equipment that we might normally overlook. For one, they’re much more straightforward than products that actually go into our face. We can actually see and control much of the process compared to, say, toners or creams that work purely within our skin.

To make things simple, we’ve compiled five types of skincare tools to add to your list, according to the role they play in your routine:


There’s no better gateway tool than an automatic cleansing brush. They’re straightforward, easy to use, and have a host of benefits for all skin types. To use one, simply apply the usual amount of cleanser on the brush, switch it on, and massage it onto your face and neck without using too much pressure. Manual cleaning brushes are also available for those who prefer them.


Cleansing brushes are great if you want deep-cleaning action while giving your hands and fingers a break from all the hard work (really, they’re unsung heroes). They not only feel lush and gentle on the skin, but they also promote blood flow, reduce puffiness, and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Whether or not you buy into the facial lifting tool hype, proponents of it will absolutely swear by its ability to massage facial muscles and reach trigger points to make the skin feel relaxed. 

The most popular iteration of this tool is the Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller, a hexagonal handheld device made up of 24 tourmaline quartz stones that lift and massage the skin as you go along. Also, the Nurse Jamie Massage Beauty Roller is one of the least intimidating skin care tools to try if you’re just starting out. 온라인카지

Another one you’ve probably seen is the rose quartz roller. It works the same way as a jade roller/beauty massager. To use it, start massaging your face from the bottom up, working your way through the jaw line to the cheeks up to the forehead. It increases blood flow and drains the lymphatic system to de-puff tired skin. The Angela Caglia Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller is a great example.


The use of facial rollers, especially ones with crystals, is often linked to holistic beauty — the idea that we must nurture every system in our body, inside and out, to obtain wellness. The rose quartz is believed to have healing capabilities that not only de-stress our skin, but also our mind and spirit, making it an excellent addition to self-care nights when we just want to treat ourselves. Tourmaline quartz, like the ones in the Nurse Jamie roller, is said to help promote happiness and confidence.


If you really want to upgrade your skin routine, try the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device that works to lift, sculpt, and tone the cheekbones, brows, and jawline the whole day. Allure Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee swears by this product as it provides a sleek contour to the facial muscles in an easy, quick manner. How? Two words: microcurrent technology. 

Don’t worry, zapping your face with electricity is not as horrifying as it sounds. In fact, users seem to find the gentle vibrations pretty soothing. Apparently, low-voltage currents have been shown to successfully remove wrinkles as well as increase collagen production in the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and sagging. It’s a huge leap from a massaging beauty roller in terms of technology, but you also get a workout for your face squeezed into 5 nifty minutes. 


While some of the best skin care tools are the simplest, having a sophisticated machine that does all the work for you isn’t so bad. Plus, for acne-prone and aging skin, it helps to have a device like this around to save you the constant (and costly) trips to the dermatologist’s office. Like other lifting tools in our list, the NuFace Trinity facial toning device is said to promote lymphatic drainage so your skin feels tight and visibly contoured for up to 24 hours.

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